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What is Smart Lipo?

What is Smart Lipo?  This is the most commonly asked question by men and women alike when they first hear about this revolutionary new procedure.  Traditional liposuction is an invasive cosmetic surgical procedure that individuals have been undergoing for many years.  Liposuction is the process of fat deposits from beneath the skin using a hollow tube called a cannula in conjunction with a powerful vacuum suction.  The fat deposits are essentially sucked out of the body.  Traditional liposuction is a very invasive procedure that can be risky and lead to complications but Smart Lipo has changed all that. 

As technology has progressed, aesthetic and medical laser procedures have been developed that can replace invasive surgical procedures.  This is where Smart Lipo comes in.  So What is Smart Lipo?  Smart Lipo laserlipolysis is a minimally invasive elective surgical procedure that utilizes laser light to essentially liquefy the fat cells so that they can be easily removed from the body.  The liquefied state allows for easier removal, fewer side effects, less down time and less risk.  Liposuction patients: you’ve never had it easier.

At the start of the Smart Lipo procedure, the surgeon will outline the area or areas of the body that are to be treated.  Local anesthesia is used so the patient will be at least partly coherent during the treatment.  The surgeon performing the procedure will then make a 1 to 2 mm incision underneath the skin that will allow the laser to access the fat pockets.  The laser fiber will then be introduced through the handpiece and detachable cannula.  The cannula is inserted through the incision so that the laser fiber can access and liquefy the underlying fat deposits. 

Once inserted underneath the skin, the cannula is moved ‘back and forth’ in a fanning motion in the treatment area.  The laser’s beam can be seen through the skin which allows the surgeon to see exactly what areas are being treated.  As the laser tip comes in contact with the fat cells being treated, the cell membranes rupture and release the fatty oil from the cells.  The end product is then removed by suction.  The Smart Lipo procedure is a revolutionary way to remove unwanted fat.  The next time someone asks you:  What is Smart Lipo; you can inform them about this fantastic procedure and the great results that it can get.

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