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SmartLipo is a revolutionary new treatment for the removal of excess fat that is less invasive and provides better results than traditional liposuction.  Liposuction, which has been around for years, is an invasive cosmetic surgical procedure that individuals undergo for the removal of excess fat.  Liposuction or lipoplasty can be defined as the removal of fat deposits from beneath the outer layers of skin using a hollow tube called a cannula in conjunction with a powerful vacuum suction; the fat deposits are literally sucked out of the body.  This procedure is performed with general anesthesia, is very invasive and somewhat risky.

As technology has progressed, many minimally invasive laser procedures have been developed that are quickly replacing invasive surgical procedures.  This is where SmartLipo gets introduced.  SmartLipo laserlipolysis is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedure that utilizes laser light to liquefy the fat cells so that they can be easily removed from the body.  When compared to traditional liposuction, SmartLipo is an obvious choice for most because it is less invasive, has less risk, fewer side effects and provides better results. 

The SmartLipo procedure can effectively treat many areas of the body including: face, chin, cheeks, neck, back, bra strap, mons pubis, breasts (Gynecomastia), hips, thighs (saddle bags), buttocks, knees and upper arms.  SmartLipo is effective on any area that contains loose, flabby skin.  Approved by the FDA for laser-assisted lipolysis, incision, vaporization, ablation and coagulation of soft tissue, the revolutionary SmartLipo procedure can perform better than traditional liposuction with enhanced results. For those interested in the results that liposuction can provide without the risk of a highly invasive procedure, SmartLipo™ can get you the fat reduction results you are looking for, safely and effectively.

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