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Those individuals who are interested in undergoing liposuction for effective excess fat reduction, it is important to make Smart Liposuction decisions regarding treatment.  Over the years, several types of liposuction have been developed, each have their pros and their cons, and each will get you different results.  It is important to research each liposuction treatment thoroughly in order to discover which procedure will best benefit your particular situation.  Smart Liposuction patients will learn all the facts to ensure they are getting the best treatment popular.

Depending on a range of specifics, one of the following liposuction treatments may work better for you than others.  Possible liposuction treatments include traditional liposuction, tumescent liposuction, liposculpture and SmartLipo.

Traditional Liposuction:  oftentimes traditional can be a word of comfort, but when traditional is brought up in the medical world, it often means out of date.  Traditional liposuction is a procedure that can provide very successful results, but out of all liposuction procedures available, it carries the most risk, involves the most pain and requires the most downtime.  This method of liposuction involves the removal of excess fat through incisions in the skin using vacuum suction.  Patients are put under general anesthesia and full recovery from treatment can take up to eight weeks.

Tumescent Liposuction:  this liposuction procedure involves the injection of a local anesthetic as well as a capillary constrictor into the treatment area to create tumescence (swelling and firmness).  Once the excess fat establishes this state, microcannulas are inserted into tiny incisions and fat is removed by vacuum suction.  This treatment is similar to traditional liposuction but it requires smaller incisions and only a local anesthetic.  This means less downtime is required, less pain is involved and patients experience full results faster.

Liposculpture:  this treatment is a more advanced form of traditional liposuction; it is less invasive therefore provides faster results.  Smaller incisions are made during this treatment, so small that they rarely require sutures.  Smaller cannulas are inserted into the treatment area so it is less invasive and less painful.  Compared to days of downtime, patients can often return to normal daily activities the very next day.  With Liposculpture, patients get the same results they would with traditional liposuction only faster.

SmartLipo:  the most technologically advanced form of liposuction, Smart Liposuction utilizes laser light for less invasive, more effective treatments.  SmartLipo requires only a single incision in which the laser light is introduced.  The laser liquefies excess fat cells making them easier to drain at time of removal.  This minimally invasive procedure is virtually painless, requires next to no downtime and provides the same great results as traditional liposuction.  Get the results you want in a fraction of the time with Smart Lipo.

It is important to make Smart Liposuction decisions; always research your treatment options to discover which will work best.  Once you choose your treatment, feel confident that you’ll get the amazing results you’ve been looking forward to.

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