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Liposculpture or micro-liposculpture is a fantastic new way to achieve a more contoured body shape without having to go through a painful liposuction procedure.  Traditional liposuction is an invasive procedure that, while providing great results, requires more pain and more downtime than its more technologically advanced counterparts.  For those who are looking for liposuction results with less pain and less downtime, Liposculpture may be just the treatment for you.

Diet and exercise are important for our overall health and well being, but sometimes it isn’t enough to help us maintain the body contouring we desire.  Genetics and age ultimately determine the shape of our body, so sometimes procedures need to be undergone to achieve our desired shape.  For those who eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis but find that they have stubborn areas of the body that just won’t respond, Liposculpture is the perfect treatment to help remove that excess fat once and for all.

So what is Liposculpture?  Liposculpture is simply a more advanced form of traditional liposuction.  Traditional liposuction involves incisions being made in the skin where a cannula is then entered and vacuum suction is used to remove unwanted fat.  Liposculpture holds to the same exact idea, however it involves less, and smaller, incisions, less pain, less bruising, less downtime and faster, more effective results.  By refining the traditional liposuction procedure, Liposculpture patients have the ability to undergo liposuction without halting their daily lives.  Most patients can drive themselves home after the procedure and even return to work the next day.  Liposculpture is liposuction—faster.

If you aren’t sure as to whether this procedure is right for you, take some time and compare it to traditional liposuction.  Traditional liposuction requires general anesthesia administered through an IV, Liposculpture requires only mild numbing in the area being treated.  Traditional liposuction requires weeks of recovery--patients often have to wear compression garments for four to eight weeks and experience extensive pain and bruising, with Liposculpture, patients can return to their normal daily activities the next day, compression garments need only be worn for a week and pain and bruising are so mild that over the counter medication can relieve them.  With Liposculpture, the risks are minimal and the outcome is greater, for fat reduction treatments, there’s no reason to compare, Liposculpture is the way to go.

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