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Laser Sculpt

Laser Sculpt or laserlipolysis is the latest in non-invasive technology for removing excess fat deposits from specific areas of the face or body.  More traditional forms of fat removal, such as liposuction, have been around for years, but this method is well known for being highly invasive and quite risky.  Medical laser technology as brought about the opportunity to treat excess fat with minimal invasiveness, less risk, less downtime and more optimal results—all of which can be found in Laser Sculpt.

While other forms of laserlipolysis have decreased the risk and invasiveness of the liposuction procedure, Laser Sculpt does this even more so.  SmartLipo, another form of laserlipolysis utilizes laser light to liquefy excess fat cells which is then drained from the treatment area.  Laser Sculpt involves even less invasiveness than SmartLipo because once the fat cells are liquefied, the treatment is complete.  The liquefied fat does not need to be drained because it is naturally removed by the body’s lymphatic system.  So how is this possible?

Laser Sculpt begins like other laserlipolysis procedures, a local anesthetic is injected to the treatment site after which a small incision is made.  The laser fiber is introduced to the treatment site by way of a cannula, and the laser works to actively liquefy excess fat cells in the treatment area.  Normally at this point, the liquefied fat would be drained from the treatment site, but with Laser Sculpt, the liquefied fat remains and is eventually removed via the lymphatic system.  Laser Sculpt is very successful for removing excess fat with low risk and virtually no downtimes, but there are some catches to this procedure.

The most important factor that differentiates Laser Sculpt from other procedures is that it can only remove a specified amount of fat at a given time.  Too much liquefied fat in the body can overwhelm the lymphatic system and cause damage to internal organs, especially the kidneys.  During any one procedure, patients can only have up to 300cc of fat removed; this means that patients may require multiple Laser Sculpt treatments to completely remove all excess fat.  After treatments, patients are also encouraged to undergo lymphatic massages to help the body remove the liquefied fat.  These massages will stimulate lymphatic drainage and the removal of unwanted fat.

This revolutionary procedure does have many benefits, but it does have some downfalls as well.  It is up to each patient to decide if the Laser Sculpt treatment can achieve the body contouring goals they’ve set for themselves.

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