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Cost of SmartLipo

The Cost of SmartLipo is something that many individuals are continually inquiring about.  As technology progresses and as aesthetic procedures continue to be developed, procedures are becoming less invasive with fewer risks, but what does this do for the cost?  Traditional liposuction has been around for many years and still, to this day, is a very costly procedure; which many argue is for good reason.  It is a risky, invasive procedure that can produce fantastic fat reduction results, but there is a lot involved.  With SmartLipo, this revolutionary liposuction procedure is minimally invasive, comes with fewer risks, fewer side effects and requires less downtime with better results.  So because this treatment involves more advanced technology, does this mean it will cost more?

Thankfully no.  The Cost of SmartLipo is actually less than traditional liposuction procedures; in some cases, up to 30% less.  Like with most aesthetic procedures, the pricing for SmartLipo will vary depending on the size of the area you are having treated, with that being said, patients can expect to pay anywhere from about $1,700 to $4,500 per area.  An example for cost comparison: with traditional liposuctions methods, the abdominal area usually costs around $6,500 but with SmartLipo that cost is brought down to about $5,000.  That’s a savings of $1,500; about 30% less than traditional liposuction.

So what’s not to love about SmartLipo?  This revolutionary procedure is FDA approved and can provide better results than traditional liposuction and a much better price.  While the Cost of SmartLipo is less than traditional liposuction, for some, it can still be an expensive procedure.  Because SmartLipo is considered an elective or aesthetic procedure, insurance usually will not cover the costs associated with it. Most doctors, however, do believe that everyone should have access to this cutting-edge procedure. Therefore many surgeons will offer zero-percent financing to those patients who qualify.  To find out more, contact your local physician and discover if the revolutionary SmartLipo™ procedure is for you.

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