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Smart Lipo in Buffalo New York

Smooth Solutions Medical Aesthetics
Dr. Jack Bertolino
5839 Main Street
Williamsville, New York 14221
Phone: 716.650.4960
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SmartLipo Buffalo

If you are looking for a revolutionary new treatment for the removal of excess fat then SmartLipo in Buffalo New York may be exactly what you need.  Traditional liposuction is a risky procedure that involves a lot of down time and a lot of expenses.  As technology has progressed, an innovative new treatment has been developed that is less invasive, less risky, involves less downtime and is less expensive.  SmartLipo is a less invasive form of liposuction that utilizes laser light to remove unwanted fat from any area of the body.

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a process which involves the removal of fat deposits from beneath the outer layers of skin using a hollow tube called a cannula in conjunction with a powerful vacuum suction; the fat deposits are literally sucked out of the body. SmartLipo in Buffalo, NY is also a procedure that utilizes a cannula, but instead of vacuum suction to remove fat, Smart Lipo uses laser light.  The laser is introduced into the treatment area through a cannula.  The laser literally liquefies unwanted fat so that it can be easily removed from the body.  This procedure requires fewer incisions and is most always performed under a local anesthetic.  These factors make it less risky and patients require less downtime.

The Smart Lipo treatment differs from some of the other fat reduction treatments currently available because it is designed specifically for localized fat reduction.  Those individuals who are overweight and obese will not benefit from this treatment like those individuals who are relatively fit yet have some troublesome areas that they want to have treated.  As we age, diet and exercise alone cannot always remove excess fatty tissue; this is where the SmartLipo treatment can help.  Body sculpting with the SmartLipo treatment is a fantastic way for men and women to treat problem areas of excess fat for a more contoured shape.  With the SmartLipo treatment, you can finally stop worrying about unwanted fat and start enjoying a contoured shape that lasts.

SmartLipo in Buffalo New York is a fat reduction procedure that can effectively treat many areas of the body including: face, chin, cheeks, neck, back, bra strap, pubic area, breasts hips, thighs, buttocks, knees and upper arms.  SmartLipo™ is effective at successfully contouring any area that contains loose, flabby skin.  Approved by the FDA for laser-assisted lipolysis, incision, vaporization, ablation and coagulation of soft tissue, this innovative procedure can perform better than traditional liposuction with enhanced results and less expense to the patients. For Buffalo area residents interested in the results that liposuction can provide without the risk of a highly invasive procedure, Smart Lipo can get you the fat reduction results you are looking for, safely and effectively.

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